Excelling in all areas of research

The Faculty of Science and Engineering is one of Macquarie University’s strongest research faculties.

The Faculty’s research is built on the strengths of its departments and research centres: we sustain a broad range of research activities of excellent national and international standing.

There are strong interdepartmental links between researchers in our different departments and research centres. Our researchers also work collaboratively with researchers at other prominent national and international research institutes and universities.

We excel in all research indicators including publications, internal and external competitive research grants, research contracts, Australian Research Council (ARC) Fellowships, distinguished visitors and postgraduate student numbers.

We know that research activity is important to maintaining high-standard undergraduate and postgraduate programs, and therefore we encourage and support research activities that enhance our educational mission.

In 2013, Macquarie University introduced the international-standard two-year research training pathway program leading to Master of Research. This is Macquarie’s new core pathway to Higher Degree Research study.

The Bachelor of Philosophy/Master of Research combines advanced disciplinary coursework and structured research training to provide graduates with greater recognition for their academic progress to enable enhanced employment opportunities and pathways to further study in Australia and overseas. The two-year full-time BPhil/MRes is the main pathway to a PhD at Macquarie University.

For department and program-specific information, contact details appear below.

Master of Research contacts


MRes advisor




Biological Sciences

A/Prof Grant Hose

E8B 109

9850 6296


Computing Sciences

Guangfeng Liu

E6A 332

9850 9541


Earth and Environmental Sciences
MRes information


E7A 131
E7A 121

9850 8166
9850 8414



Dr Sammy Diasinos
A/Prof Sam Reisenfeld

E6B 144
E6B 113

9850 9146
9850 6002


MRes information

Dr Adam Sikora

E7A 304

9850 8919


Molecular Sciences
MRes information

Dr Louise Brown

E8C 305

9850 8294


Physics & Astronomy
MRes information

A/Prof Gavin Brennen (Y1)
Dr Joanne Dawson (Y2)

E6B 2.611
E6B 2.603

9850 4445
9850 8901



Dr Thomas Fung

E7A 626

9850 4769


Higher degrees by research (HDR) lead to either Masters or Doctoral awards and are designed to assist graduates to investigate and contribute to advanced knowledge in their chosen discipline and to develop proficiency in conducting research.

The program of advanced study and research for the degree includes the submission of a thesis embodying the results of the student’s work. The thesis must form a distinct contribution to the knowledge of the subject and afford evidence of originality by the discovery of new facts or the exercise of independent critical power. A candidate’s program of study must be supervised by a member of the academic staff of the University, and will normally be carried out within the University.


Before potential students are accepted and enrolled as HDR candidates, it is essential that prospective candidates get in touch with the academics in the relevant department or research areas to discuss their proposed topic of research. The discussion will help to establish the suitability of the research topic, the appropriateness of the prospective candidates’ research background and whether that academic has the capacity to supervisor the project. View a list of the academics of our Faculty and their research expertise.

It is not an absolute listing of research supervisors who are available for new research students. Potential research candidates are advised to also check the individual department links for more information.

For further information you can view the degree listings for the:

Contact the the Higher Degree Research office.

Applicants are expected to investigate the research undertaken of the Faculty of Science and Engineering and the appropriate departments, and contact potential staff supervisors in their areas of interest prior to completing the application.

Higher Degree Research applications are managed by the Higher Degree Research Office (HDRO).

Additional information for candidates:

The Higher Degree Research prospectus also has all the required information.

Contact the Higher Degree Research Office.

The Faculty of Science and Engineering welcomes enquiries about Research Degrees. The first point of contact is our Higher Degree Research team. They can also direct you to the right academic for your interests.

Contact us

Contact the Graduate Research Academy for general enquiries about applications, candidature, scholarships, and development opportunities.